Faction Start

This is a recommended tutorial how a faction leader should start its faction
A faction allows you to claim territories and protect these from your enemies.


To create a faction you run the command /f create <name>.
Now you have successfully created your faction. Now you should claim your first chunk. If the owner has activated claim prices, you must first deposit money into your faction.
To deposit money you have to run /f deposit <amount>.


Now you should change your description. You can do this either with /f setdescription <description> or with /f settings in a GUI. There you can directly set if the faction is publicly accessible for every player or change the name of the faction. You can also change the name with the command /f rename <name>.


If your faction has enough money to claim a chunk you must use the command /f claim or click on a chunk at /f map.
To see the borders of a chunk you can run /f chunksee. This shows RED lines on the edge of the chunk if its not your chunk or GREEN lines if it is your chunk
If you have now executed the claim command, the chunk should be assigned to your faction. Now only you have rights to interact with this chunk.

Invite and Ranks

To invite other players to your faction, use the command /f invite <player>.
After the player joins your faction, he automatically gets the lowest rank that exists in your faction.
To view the faction ranks you can simply run the command /f info.
If you now want to change the rank of a player, run /f setrank <player>. This command opens up a GUI where you can choose the rank that is given to the target player.
Or maybe you created a faction for a friend. To promote him to leader, enter the command /f promote <player>.