Step-By-Step Tutorial how to configure the plugin
The plugin contains several files. Each file has its own type. You can recognize the type by the file extension. Mainly the files differ in 2 types. Editable files and non-editable files.

1. Non-Editable Files

The non-editable files are used by the plugin to store data that is not visible to the end user. If somehow access to the file is guaranteed, the developers are not responsible for any problems that may arise.
These files have the extension .dat or .log
do not touch these files. Thank you! :)

2. Editable Files

The editable files are intended for the end user as configuration files. Here you have the possibility to edit values according to your own needs to follow personal preferences and adapt the plugin to your own wishes.
These files have the extension .lang or .yml
Each message has its key. The key must not be changed under any circumstances. otherwise errors will occur in the console.
Example: command-create-help: '&7Creates a faction'
do not touch the key value of any file.
if you need help with the configuration ask for help on our discord