Feature Tutorials
Explanation for some unique features

Townhall System

The townhall is a Villager Entity. It is your faction hearth. To get access to the townhall you have to right-click the villager.
If you right-clicked it, it opens a menu where you can manage your faction bank and your faction energy. The townhall has a certain amount of health points (default 100). It can only be killed by a player. If the townhall dies, it will drop all stored bank items on the ground.
Townhall VIlla

Bank System

The bank system can be accessed through the townhall. You can deposit items in the bank. Each item has a worth. Based on this worth the top factions gets calculated. To deposit a item you need this item in your inventory. Bank items can also be withdrawn.
Bank GUI

Energy System

The energy system is developed to avoid inactive factions. It forces players to stay active and buy new energy. The energy can be found at /f info or the townhall. After creating a faction a timer will start that decreases the energy after time. If the timer hits 0 all your chunks will be unclaimed. The price of 24h of energy is calculated by the default price * amount of claims.
For example: 2 Claims = 100$ for 24h
Energy GUI

Warpiece / Siege System

To start a siege you need warpieces with the faction you want to siege. To get warpieces you have to kill a player of the faction. If you kill a player, you will get a warpiece with the faction. If you get killed by a player, you will lose a warpiece with its faction.
Faction Info GUI

Region System

The region system is a integrated feature like the plugin "worldguard". You mark 2 points with the /f wand stick and type /f region create <name> . After creating a region it automatically disables the claim function in this area. Within the newer UltimateFactions versions you have the option to add region flags to disable pvp or building in a specific region.
Region Edit GUI

Shop System (BETA)

The included shop feature gives you the opportunity to create a shop where players can buy or sell items. It is a admin feature, so only a player with certain permissions can add / remove a category and a shop item. To create add a item you have to create a category first. After the category is created you have to click "edit category" to add items.
Example Shop Category

Quests System

The included quests system gives you the opportunity to create awesome quests! A faction can accept a quest and start hunting the tasks. If the quest is completed each faction member can claim the reward. To create a quest type /f quests and click on the "+" icon. Now you have to set a name, description an icon, the quest type, a reward and the quest action. Sounds easy. It actually is!
the quest action has to be the format <amount>;<type> Example: You want to create a quest where a player has to kill 50 pigs. Name: Schnitzel Description: Kill 50 pigs Icon: [your Icon] Type: Kill Reward: 500.0 Action: 50;PIG Example 2: You want to create a quest where a player has to collect 1 diamond Name: Rich Boy Description: Collect 1 diamond Icon: [your Icon] Type: Collect Reward: 500.0 Action: 1;DIAMOND
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